Sellwands are currently disabled due to some bugs. They will be back in the near future so everyone who bought one has been given an Ultimate crate key for the time being. I hope you understand.

We're also getting more staff so you'll see them soon in game being active :)

Currently 20% off sale on the store too

Finally, VerixPvP is here! We're really exicted to open the server and see players enjoying the unique features we've been working on for the past months. To celebrate the release of the server the launch sale is now on, meaning there is 70% off all store purchases!


The server will be played by Chaosflo44! He will be making regular Skyblock content throughout the map. We hope him and his fans have an awesome time on the server. With Chaosflo44's help, we believe that we can fill the server up.

When is the release?

The server will be releasing on Saturday, 23rd of June at 5:00 PM GMT. If you want the in your timezone, simply search "5 PM GMT" in to Google or click on the countdown. We hope to see everyone there!


The server has many features as you may already knew, I'll provide the most important features here but if you want more you should watch Chaosflo44's video.

  • Crophoppers: This hopper collects all the crops into the crophopper. Crophoppers have an one chunk radius. Access them by holding a normal hopper in your hand and doing /chopper.
  • NoHopperCraft: You can't craft hoppers! This means that you will have to buy...